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German Man Gives Birth to Baby Boy

A Berlin man has become the first in Germany to give birth to a baby.
He identifies as male, but has a female reproductive system.
The baby boy was born on March 18th this year in a home birth, as hospitals are required to write the name of the mother in their records when a child is born.
It was delivered with the help of a midwife in the Neukölln area of Berlin.
On government records the new father, who is transgender, is registered as a man.
This makes him the first male in Germany to give birth, Berlin newspapers reported on Monday.
He reportedly became pregnant through a sperm donation.
Officially the child does not have a mother, only a father.
The case is reminiscent of transgender Thomas Beatie who has given birth to three children in the US.
Transgender people are able to give birth to children because even when a woman undergoes hormone therapy to become more physically masculine, they can retain female s*x organs.


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