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LAGBAJA:Guests Bounced, Pictures Barred As Lagbaja’s Daughter Weds In Lagos !!

BKFZFRUCQAATjNg The first daughter of masked Afrobeat musician, Abisade Ologunde (Lagbaja) Moyosade Ologunde, married her best friend, Olamide Obilana, in Opebi a few weeks ago.
Moyosade attended Pennsylvania State University School of Management where she bagged a Masters in business administration and now works as a change management specialist at a US firm.
Guests were NOT ALLOWED to take photos so as not to unmask the father of the bride, LAGBAJA, who came without his mask during the wedding!

The Drama:
Lagbaja gave a caveat to his in-laws that pictures and video coverage avoided by either family members or friends, except the official photographer and the video coverage man that were hired for the purpose.
Consequently, getting access to the venue could be likened to a camel passing through the needle. Stern-looking security mounted the gate of Motherlan’, while guests were subjected to serious screening. So, God help you if you were not invited.
It was, however, obvious that some of the groom’s family members were displeased with the arrangement.
It was so bad that many, who were bounced, had to make frantic calls to their relatives who were already seated in the compound before they were allowed in.
Somewhere within the premises were different caterers who mounted their stands. They were so courteous and generous in their sense of catering.
The guests were seated under a large marquee and behind beautifully designed white tables that all bore artificial flowers.
On the podium was the seat of the bride and the groom coated with gold and royal blue colours.
My Daily Newswatch reports that gifts were beautifully wrapped with orange coloured net clothes.
Findings revealed that the wrappings of the gifts were contracted to some specialists.Both alaga iduro and the alaga ijoko, who were elegantly dressed, really spiced up the memorable event. But for the fact that he’s the father of the bride, you would have looked out for him without success.
Lagbaja sat quietly among the Ologundes that were seated in the front row. Tall, dark-complexioned Lagbaja was clad in an army green buba and sokoto with a matching red cap to match.
Sitting beside him was his beautiful wife in a yellow iro and buba outfit, with a chocolate brown headgear that had a touch of yellow. Moyosade and Olamide met in the United States of America and decided to come to Nigeria to seal their love affair.
The wedding ceremony, which was attended by the crème de la crème, screeched to a halt with a closing prayer by Wale Ologunde. Although the event had come and gone, it will remain the talk of the town for a long time, as the guests were soaked in the joy of the day.


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