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Best Android phones

Samsung Galaxy S4 (AT&T, Cricket, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon)

Its laundry list of features require time and effort to truly master, but the Galaxy S4 is the top choice for anyone looking for a big-screen, do-everything smartphone.



HTC One (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile)

A few quibbles notwithstanding, the powerhouse HTC One is a beautifully crafted, near-ideal smartphone.



Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, U.S. Cellular, Verizon)

Samsung delivers a powerful, boundary-pushing device that gets a lot right. Yet its complicated features and high price raise questions about its purpose.


LG Optimus G Pro (AT&T)

Though it lacks a stylus, the Optimus G Pro is not only armed with high-end specs, but it's also still cheaper than the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 -- making it the best AT&T phablet available now.




Motorola Droid Razr Maxx HD (Verizon)

Motorola's fast, stylish Droid Razr Maxx HD offers outstanding battery life, but its camera captures unimpressive images.

How to Solve a Problem

Problem solving is one of the most essential skills in life. Regardless of who you are or what you do, you will face obstacles. How you deal with such challenges will often be a determining factor in how successful you are at life. While problems come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, this article will give you some tools to help find solutions.


  1. 1
    There are many ways to solve problems, and it will depend on your situation, your experience, your knowledge, your attitude, and your problem to determine the best approach.
    • Your situation may be that you have a long term problem that will take time to resolve, such as a legal dispute or a personal issue. Your situation may be pressing, but not immediate. Such may be the case for solving a problem at work, or how to help your child get a better grade on next week's test. At the extremes, your situation may be dire, such as discovering your single-engine plane has just run out of gas, and a solution is needed immediately.
    • Your experience comes into play for all the above.
      • If you are an attorney, or a counselor, you will know how to navigate legal and personal issues through training and experience, and the best approaches to take solving those problems.
      • If you are an educator, or even a parent who has an older child, you've already experienced the difficulties of test-taking, and will have the necessary skills to help your child succeed.
      • If you're in serious, you will likely rely on gut instinct to solve your problem. As a pilot, you will have been trained on how react in an emergency.

How to Be Successful

Many people want to achieve success in life, but it's easier said than done. There are so many distractions that it can be challenging to discipline one's self to accomplish a monumental goal. By keeping the following advice in mind, however, you can dramatically increase your chances of becoming successful in whatever you choose to pursue.

Planning for Success

  1. 1
    Imagine yourself being successful. Einstein said that the imagination is more important than knowledge. The more vividly and accurately you imagine your success, the easier it will be for the rest of your self to follow through. The same way engineers first imagine a bridge and then build it, you can be the engineer of your success, too.

    • Dedicate a few minutes every day to imagining your success. Imagine yourself in a movie in which you're successful. What are you doing in the movie? What is your success like? Savor the feeling of your success, and use it as motivation to stoke your fire.
    • Cultivate a healthy motivation when imagining your success. Successful people all believe in themselves and their missions. At the same time, you don't want to alienate other people with extreme narcissism. Understand that other people want to be just as successful as you do; your goal shouldn't be to trample over them in order to get what you want.
  2. 2
    Find the purpose or goal of your life. Identify the things you love to do, the things that give you satisfaction. Once you identify what you love to do, use this information to find the purpose of your life or the objective of your life.

    • Finding what you love to do will give you motivation along the way. Imagine being forced to do a triathlon when your true passion is chess. Pretty difficult, huh? Now imagine the opportunity to participate in a chess tournament. It's much, much easier to persistently chip away at your goal if your goal is something you enjoy doing.
    • How do you figure out a purpose or goal in life? It's different for everyone, and for some it's extremely difficult, but there are several ways you can try to figure it out:
      • Talk with a career coach or visit a good psychologist.
      • Try out several different careers, remembering that even a less-than-fulling job can help you learn.
      • Try making a career out of something you love. Whether it's brewing beer or advising on art, you're more likely to be successful doing something you know you love.
  3. 3
    Define the meaning of success as you see it. You cannot have success if you do not know what it means for you. Everyone views success differently and using someone else's standard for success is like eating another person's lunch and expecting to love it. Set clear goals and be realistic.

LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series

The good: The easy-to-use, high-capacity LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series offers very fast performance for a dual-bay external hard drive. The drive supports RAID configurations, has a user-serviceable hard-drive bay design, and can be daisy-chained with up to five other Thunderbolt devices without decreasing the throughput.
The bad: The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt's performance is comparatively slow for a Thunderbolt storage device, especially in RAID 1. The drive is relatively expensive; it doesn't have built-in support for any other common peripheral connections like USB or FireWire; and it doesn't come with the necessary Thunderbolt cable.
The bottom line: The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series strikes a balance between capacity, performance, and price and would be a good choice for owners of Thunderbolt-enabled computers.

The LaCie 2big Thunderbolt Series is like the other hard drives in the 2big family, such as the 2big USB 3.0, with just one difference: it uses the new Thunderbolt connection and no other connection types, meaning it forgoes USB, FireWire, and eSATA. And this is a big difference.
This is the fastest dual-bay external hard drive I've seen, even though it's noticeably slower than other Thunderbolt devices, such as the LaCie Little Big Disk SSD and the Promise Pegasus R6. To make up for not being the fastest, the 2big Thunderbolt Series, though in no way cheap, costs significantly less than its competitors at $650 for the 4TB version and $800 for the 6TB. (Like with other Thunderbolt drives, you'll have to spend another $50 for a Thunderbolt cable, which is not included.)
That said, the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt is a good choice if you need a storage product that supports Thunderbolt and don't want to spend too much on something that's overkill for your needs.
Drive type External Thunderbolt hard drive
Connector options Thunderbolt
Available capacities 4TB, 6TB
Product dimensions (LWH) 3.7x7.9x7.2 inches
Weight 7.9 lbs
Capacity of test unit 6TB
OSes supported Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
Software included Intego BackUp Manager Pro
Design and features
From the front, the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt looks exactly the same as the 2big USB 3.0, with a large blue circle that glows to show that the device is powered and ready. On the back the drive has two hard-drive bays that can each hold a 3.5-inch SATA hard drive of up to 3TB, for a total top capacity of 6TB when the drive is set up in RAID 0. In RAID 1, this total usable capacity is reduced by half, with the other half being used as redundancy in case of hard-drive failure.
Each drive tray is locked in place via a latch that can be opened with a coin. In case you don't have a coin ready, LaCie also includes a little plastic key for the job. Once open, the drives can slide out relatively easily. After that, you'll need a Phillips screwdriver to replace the hard drive. Note, however, that if you choose to replace the hard drive, the warranty will be voided. Another note is, while LaCie says the hard drives are hot-swappable, you should only do that when they are set up in RAID 1. In RAID 0, which is the default setup, pulling out a hard drive when the drive is in operation will damage the data.
Also on the back, you'll find two Thunderbolt ports. This means when used in a daisy-chain setup, the 2big Thunderbolt can be any part of the chain. I tried it with a few other Thunderbolt devices, including the Pegasus R6 and the Apple Thunderbolt Display, and the chain worked out very well, with no sign of bandwidth reduction.
The 2big Thunderbolt has no power switch, so you can't turn it on and off while it's plugged in. However, this is no big deal since the drive's power status works in sync with that of the host computer. You can't turn it on without first connecting it to a Thunderbolt-enabled computer. Once plugged in, the drive turns itself off when the computer is off or in sleep mode, and goes back on when the computer is in operation. In my trials, the drive remained on when the computer went into sleep mode, however.
The drive comes with a detachable base to hold it in a vertical position. It can work on its side as well, but I see no reason not to use the base.
Out of the box, the 2big Thunderbolt comes with more than you need in terms of power plugs. The drive's two-part power adapter comes with enough power heads to fit in any type of receptacle around the world. Since this is a desktop external storage device, which would generally be used in one place, this is likely a waste. It would be much better if you could swap all the extra power heads for the necessary Thunderbolt cable, which is not included and costs another $50.
There's nothing to setting up the LaCie 2big Thunderbolt. Out of the box, it's preformatted in HFS+, and once connected to a Mac via Thunderbolt, it's immediately available to the computer, just like other external storage devices. If you want to use the drive in RAID 1, however, you'll need to run Disk Utility to change the RAID, which took less than a minute in my trial.
The drive comes with a CD that contains Intego Backup Manager Pro software. Since the drive is easy to set up and it's probably best to use it with your Mac's Time Machine for backing-up purposes, it's likely you won't need to use this CD at all.

Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter

The good: The sturdy Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter adds support for the Thunderbolt standard to any existing GoFlex external hard drive and turns any standard SATA internal drive into a Thunderbolt storage device. The adapter offers excellent performance.

The bad: The Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter doesn't include a Thunderbolt cable, and is slightly bulky. The accessory could also be better priced.

The bottom line: All things considered, the Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter is currently the best investment for those who want a superfast storage device to use with a Thunderbolt-enabled Mac.

Mac owners who crave a Thunderbolt storage device can finally get some relief thanks to Seagate. Unlike other Thunderbolt drives that are so outrageously expensive and generally rigid in terms of capacities, the new GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter itself costs just around $190 and is very flexible. When coupled with a GoFlex drive, or any other internal drive, for that matter (not included, price varies), the adapter offers the best deal among the few Thunderbolt storage devices on the market.
The only shortcoming I found with the Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter is the fact that it, like many other Thunderbolt devices, doesn't include a Thunderbolt cable (which costs another $50). However, this is more of an issue with Apple than with the storage vendor. And speaking of cost, at $190, the adapter is also relatively pricey.

If you're looking for a fast single-volume storage device to use at home with your Thunderbolt-enabled Mac, look no further than the Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter and a GoFlex Desk drive.

Drive type External Thunderbolt Adapter
Connector options Thunderbolt
Available capacities Up to 4TB with a GoFlex drive or a standard SATA internal drive
Product dimensions   (LWH) 2.2 x 5.0 x 4.5 inches
Weight 1 lbs
Capacity of test unit 4TB
OSes supported Mac OS X 10.6.8 or later.
Design and features
The Seagate GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter is not an external hard drive itself but rather the adapter part of the Seagate GoFlex external hard drive. The GoFlex Desk is the most flexible external hard drive on the market thanks to its two-part design: the GoFlex drive and the GoFlex adapter. Each of these parts can be purchased separately, and when put together they form an external hard drive that uses the type of connection the adapter supports.

The GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter adds support for the Thunderbolt standard to any GoFlex drive. On top of that, since it comes with a standard SATA connection, it can also turn any SATA internal drive into a Thunderbolt drive, making it the most flexible and potentially the most affordable Thunderbolt storage solution on the market, thanks to the low prices of internal hard drives. I tried it with all types of drives, including hard drives and solid-state drives (SSDs), and they all worked out beautifully. Note, however, that you'll need some padding when using a 3.5-inch hard drive to make the drive stay firmly on the adapter.
Priced at $190, the adapter is not exactly cheap, but it allows you to have the most affordable Thunderbolt storage solution on the market, even when including cost of a GoFlex Desk. For example, a 4TB-capacity GoFlex Desk drive costs another $250, making the whole package cost around $440, much cheaper than the 4TB LaCie 2big Thunderbolt , or the 2TB LaCie Little Big Disk Thunderbolt that cost $650 and $550, respectively. You also have options to buy smaller capacities for less or a standard internal drive of your choosing.

As an adapter, the GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter is actually much better than other USB or FireWire, or eSATA adapters originally shipped with the GoFlex Desk. It's now wider and heavier, though still not too big, making it able to stay put on the surface without easily toppling like other adapters. The new adapter comes with two Thunderbolt ports and can work with other Thunderbolt devices in a daisy-chain setup. You can also use multiple adapters in case you want to increase your Thunderbolt storage capacities or have a solution that offers redundancy. I tried the adapter with a few other Thunderbolt drives and it worked very well. Similar to other recent Thunderbolt drives, the GoFlex Desk Thunderbolt adapter shares the power status of the Mac it's plugged into. This means the adapter turns off when the Mac is off and turns back on when the Mac is powered on.

There's nothing to setting up the adapter. You have to do is snap a GoFlex drive (or any other internal drive) on it, connect it to power and to a Mac via a Thunderbolt cable (not included) and the system will recognize the drive immediately. For brand-new drives or GoFlex drives that are preformatted in NTFS, you'll need to reformat it into HFS+, using Mac OS' Disk Utility, which takes just a few seconds.

Best Wi-Fi mobile storage devices

The good: The Seagate Wireless Plus wirelessly adds 1TB of storage space to up to eight mobile devices. It can relay Wi-Fi Internet access and works well as a fast portable drive or as a robust mobile media server.

The bad: The Wireless Plus could use a faster Wi-Fi standard and should include a car charger. Its Seagate Media app doesn't natively support all popular digital video formats.

The bottom line: If you have a digital library that's larger than the capacity of your tablet and want to bring it all with you on the go, the Wireless Plus is arguably the best choice on the market . The new Wireless Plus (right) is still slightly more compact than its predecessor, the Satellite.

The new 1TB Wireless Plus is very similar to the 500GB GoFlex Satellite in terms of physical design, but is slightly more compact. It's a box that houses an internal hard drive, a Wi-Fi access point, and a battery. It's kind of amazing how it manages to remain so small, measuring just 0.8 inch by 3.5 inches by 5 inches, considering those three major components. It also weighs just about half a pound.

On one side, the Wireless Plus has a standard SATA port covered with a lid. By removing this lid, you can use the drive with any Seagate connection adapter, like those of the Backup Plus or GoFlex portable drives. The Wireless Plus, itself, comes with a USB 3.0 adapter and a standard USB 3.0 cable. You can use these to connect the device to a computer, and then it works just like any bus-powered portable drive. This is also a great way to quickly transfer digital content to the Plus prior to a trip. With 1TB of storage space, chances are most of us could easily carry our entire iTunes library this way.

Note that the device always charges its internal battery when connected to a computer, but can only work either as a media server or a portable drive at a given time, not both at once. To make it work as a portable drive, you need to turn it off prior to plugging it into a computer's USB port. For this, on one side the Wireless Plus has a power on/off button that you press once to turn it on or press and hold for a few seconds to turn it off.

When working as a portable drive, the Wireless Plus comes with a few folders for different types of content -- Videos, Music, Photos, and Documents -- but you can make new folders of any name. Once switched to work as a wireless media server, the device itself will automatically organize data from all folders into different categories for users to browse via their connected clients, using the Seagate Media app.
The Wireless Plus also comes with a power connector and a separate power adapter for charging from a wall socket. Unfortunately, unlike the Satellite, the Wireless Plus doesn't include a car charger, but you can use one made for other mobile devices, such as tablets or smartphones, to charge it while driving.
Out of the box, the Wireless Plus comes fully charged and preloaded with a good selection of samples of HD video and symphony music, enough to keep you entertained immediately on the way home.

The Wireless Plus supports a single-stream setup of the 802.11n Wi-Fi standard to offer a top speed of 150Mbps. For this reason, while it can support up to eight Wi-Fi clients at a time, only three of them can stream HD content simultaneously. The portable storage device works only in the 2.4GHz band and doesn't support the newer and faster 5GHz band. It's a delicate balance Seagate has to juggle here, however, since supporting faster Wi-Fi speeds also would mean shorter battery life, a larger physical design, or both.
Like Seagate's portable drives, such as the Backup Plus, the Wireless Plus is formatted in NTFS out of the box and should remain in this file system for it to work. It does, however, come with software drivers to enable Mac computers to read and write on the NTFS file system.

Together with the Wireless Plus, Seagate announced a new version of the free Seagate Media mobile app for iOS, Android, and Kindle Fire devices. The app's interface has been vastly improved and worked much better in my trial than when it was first launched with the Satellite.

Out of the box, the Wireless Plus is preconfigured with a Wi-Fi network and you can connect other Wi-Fi clients (smartphones, computers, tablets) to it. After that, from a connected client, just launch the Seagate Media app and you're good to go. Note that on the iPad the Seagate Media app only works in the horizontal position, and won't rotate if you use the mobile device vertically. It does give you the option of playing music in the background, however, in case you want to close the app and switch to doing something else.

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Finally, an SSD that has almost everything.

The new Samsung 840 Evo shares the same design and standard as previous generations, but now comes in gray.

The good: The Samsung 840 Evo solid-state drive offers overall excellent performance, top storage space, and useful bundled software, at low cost.

The bad: The three-year warranty is relatively short, and the drive's sequential read speed could be a tad better.

The bottom line: If you're looking for a fast SSD that offers top capacity at low cost, look no further than the Samsung 840 Evo.

There are three important things you should keep in mind when buying a solid-state drive: capacity, performance, and pricing. And the new Samsung 840 Evo makes things easy by offering them all, and more.
The new drive is a replacement for Samsung's previous entry-level 840 Series drive, but the only thing entry-level about it is the pricing. Its performance is among the best I've seen, and the drive is also the first consumer-grade SSD to hit the 1TB mark in storage space. In addition, the 840 Evo is bundled with valuable software that further boosts its performance.

Best Internal Drives!

Internal drives are those used inside a computer to host its operating system, programs, and data. They generally are either regular hard drives or solid-state drives. Every personal computer needs at least one internal drive to work, and the performance of this drive plays an important role in the system's overall performance. Here's a list of the current top internal drives that will make the best upgrade for your computer, be it Mac or Windows
Read more here

NASA: The most well-traveled 55-year-old ever

As the space agency turns 55 today, Crave's Eric Mack takes a visual tour of the legacy created so far.
America's space agency was created by a stroke of President Eisenhower's pen 55 years ago today.
While this makes the National Aeronautics and Space Administration old enough to retire -- or at least get a discount on movie tickets -- NASA is likely only getting started. A birthday is always a good time to reflect on one's accomplishments before forging onward into the future.

If you've got some time on your hands, you can get a sense of the scope of NASA's accomplishments from this selective (but certainly not that short) chronology.
Also, you can take a tour of NASA's greatest hits by browsing the gallery below. It highlights 14 of NASA's most memorable moments and missions.

55 years of NASA milestones (pictures)


::TWITTER HACKED::Chipotle stages bogus Twitter hack for promotional campaign

The fast-food restaurant comes clean after posting a bizarre string of tweets that were thought to be done by hackers. "This is far more hoax than hack," Chipotle says.

Twitter UK expands access to abuse-reporting function

The Internet is not a kind place, but those fighting for positivity and accountability have pushed Twitter, a potential outlet for collective vitriol, to make reporting abuse easier. In response to the torrent of abuse that engulfed UK activist Caroline Criado-Perez last week, Twitter UK has confirmed that it will soon expand its abuse-reporting function to Android apps and desktop Web users.

As of now, the ability to file reports is reserved for iPhone users and those using Twitter's mobile Web site, a function added only three weeks ago.
Twitter's decision to take action was influenced in part by a Change.org petition that garnered more than 65,000 signatures of members calling for a universal "report abuse" button.
While the decision taken today is not exactly what the petition demanded, it confirms Twitter's stance on defending its users. The social network is making its current reporting process, which covers all types of complaints, more widely available.
We hope the public understands the balances we're trying to strike as we continue to work to make our systems and processes better," wrote Del Harvey, Twitter's senior director of trust and safety, in a blog post titled "We hear you." While it's not easy straddling the line between defending freedom of expression and quelling hate speech, Criado-Perez's resilience and the persistence of those who have stood by her have clinched an important victory in the quest to make Twitter

Google redesigns Zagat site, releases iOS and Android apps

In an attempt to continue its real-world indexing and the unification of all its services, Google has relaunched Zagat, the dining review and ratings company it acquired in September 2011.
Alongside the overhauled Web site are new iOS and Android apps. But most importantly, Zagat is accessible -- for the first time -- with no registration or fees required.
When Zagat was fully integrated into Google's services in May of last year, its Web site still required users to sign in with a Google+ account. Now with the barriers removed, Google's location-based dining guide is taking aim at the success and wide reach of competitor Yelp -- both on the Web and on mobile devices, considering that Yelp is integrated into Apple's map offering.
The new Zagat is focused on nine U.S. cities, and expansions are planned in the coming months. Residents of cities like San Francisco and New York City now have full access to ratings, reviews, and consumer surveys, in addition to videos, blogs, and curated lists by Zagat's local editors.

Time Warner Cable suspends CBS programming blackout

Updated at 9:35 p.m. PT with a Time Warner Cable spokesperson saying it has suspended the programming blackout at CBS' request. After weeks of talks and multiple deadline extensions, CBS and Time Warner Cable failed Monday night to come to terms on fees the cable company must pay to carry the broadcaster's programming in some major U.S. cities, and the cable giant began removing shows like "Under the Dome" from its subscription lineup. CBS and Time Warner Cable logos against the New York skyline

A spokesperson for the cable giant said CBS' "outrageous" fee demands forced it to cut off the network's programming for many of its customers as of midnight ET.
"As of midnight ET, Time Warner Cable customers in New York City, Dallas and Los Angeles will no longer receive their local CBS broadcast stations," Time Warner Cable spokeswoman Maureen Huff said in a statement. "In addition, we have been forced to remove Showtime, TMC, Flix and Smithsonian from our lineups across the country. We offered to pay reasonable increases, but CBS' demands are out of line and unfair -- and they want Time Warner Cable to pay more than others pay for the same programming."
In turn, CBS said it did everything it could to forge a fair agreement and accused Time Warner Cable of misleading the public about their contract talks.
"They continue to engage in a public campaign of disinformation and voodoo mathematics (featuring wildly inflated percentages) while doggedly restating their positions," CBS spokesperson Shannon Jacobs said in a statement. "Time Warner Cable seems incapable of accepting the concept that the value of a company's programming should be in line with its popularity. It is no mystery why this company has dropped more than 50 television stations from its service in the last five years alone, some as recently as last week. CBS remains resolute in the pursuit of fair compensation for our programming and will use the full resources available to us to make sure that Time Warner Cable subscribers are aware of its short-sighted, anti-consumer strategy."
CBS also said it hoped an agreement between the two companies could be reached soon.
In a later e-mail, Huff told CNET that it had suspended the removal of the channels at CBS' request. Jacobs told CNET that talks would continue but did not indicate whether there was a new deadline.

::Nokia Lumia 1020::Photographers, meet your camera phone.

The good: The Nokia Lumia 1020 smartphone's camera captures extremely high-resolution images with fine detail, and puts creative controls at your fingertips.
The bad: A niche device, the Lumia 1020 is $100 pricier than most high-end smartphones. The lens makes it a little bulky. Multiple camera apps are confusing. It lacks manual f-stop control and presets for common shooting scenarios.
The bottom line: Avid mobile photographers will love the Nokia Lumia 1020's exact controls, but casual users should stick to cheaper camera phones.

You can sum up the Nokia Lumia 1020 in three words: 41, megapixel, camera.
It's the Lumia 1020's high-octane shooter -- along with Nokia's custom camera app -- that defines this next marquee Windows Phone 8 device, and that gives mobile photographers a reason to salivate. In the 1020, Nokia pushes the smartphone camera envelope with a combination of raw image-capturing prowess and close-cropping capability that makes it one of the most artistically able smartphone cameras we've tested.
Would we ditch our point-and-shoot cameras and rely on the Lumia 1020 instead? For day-to-day and weekend events, absolutely; the 1020 is the ultimate in convenience and approaches point-and-shoot quality. However, based on our tests so far, Nokia still has a ways to go before it can completely supplant the need for a higher-level standalone camera. We'd take it away for the weekend, but wouldn't use it to shoot our kid's first birthday.

[Photos] from Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean.

What do you think this??  
Fun or Crazy!

Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS)Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS)Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS)Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS)Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS)Mud 'Olympic Games': No Chance to Escape Clean (PHOTOS)

Miley Cyrus: ‘Smoking marijuana is better than drinking alcohol’

15 Do you Agree????
 Miley Cyrus prefers smoking marijuana to drinking alcohol because it doesn’t make her sick or angry.
The ‘We Can’t Stop’ singer – who is engaged to Liam Hemsworth – enjoys consuming the drug because she doesn’t experience any adverse effects.

ASUU Denies Plan To Call-Off Strike!

ACADEMIC Staff Union of Universities, ASUU, has described as speculative reports that the strike embarked upon by the union over the inability of the Federal Government to implement the 2009 agreement it willingly entered into with the union would be called off this Thursday.
National President of ASUU, Dr. Nasir Fagge, told Vanguard that he was surprised to hear that the union was going to call off the strike on Thursday when the issues tabled before government had not been resolved.
Faggae said: “There is nothing like that (suspending the strike). I am also surprised to hear people say that we are going to call off the strike.
He said: “Our members have made it categorically clear what they want. This meeting we had with government on Friday at the office of the Secretary to the Government of the Federation, SGF, is just exploratory.
“We are trying to look at issues holistically and see how we are going to address them. So assignments were given to various people that attended the meeting and the expectation is that we will meet tomorrow (today), Monday and look at the assignment given and also look at it on Thursday again.
“So, that is why I’m surprised to hear people say that we are going to suspend strike on Thursday. The mandate of our members is very clear. So, we will wait andsee what the Monday and Thursday meetings unfold and then we report back to our members.”
On how long it would take ASUU leaders to convene a meeting with its members after the meeting with government on Thursday, the ASUU boss said “we are in constant consultation with our members, we don’t really have problems with that.
“After the meeting, we will decide when to link up with our members depending upon what is placed on table on Thursday.”
Commenting on the speculation that the union might suspend the strike if the government met up to 50 per cent of the agreement, Faggae said the union would prefer to get to the bridge before crossing it.
He commended the positive disposition ofthe Joint Senate and House of Representatives Committee on Education towards the resolution of the crisis.
Fagge added: “For us, the interaction we have had with the Joint Committee clearly indicates that they are concerned like other Nigerians”.
“This is expected of the representatives of people. You see the problem has always been that the executive arm of government does not really hearken to advise that are given on how best to address the problems on education in this country.
“We are convinced as a union that the only thing the government can really do for Nigerians is to avail them of education.
“Once you are able to do that, you will see that people will be able to generate jobs and they will be able to take care of themselves and contribute to nation building. So that is the argument we are placing on the table.”

Joor::See What Banky W. Looked Like With Hair

Check Out Olamide’s Outfit Before He Headed Onto Stage For Startrek 2013

Olamide All White

From the Pastor's Desk!::How to be filled with the Holy Spirit

There are several ways of understanding "Filling with the Holy Spirit." Some people teach that it happens at conversion: when one asks Jesus into his or her heart. Others believe that filling occurs at some point during the believer's growth: at baptism, or simply when the Spirit decides. Still others believe that the filling of the Spirit is a temporary, circumstantial occurrence, used for specific work of God on earth through His servants. Whatever your personal beliefs, several Scriptural steps are most certainly involved.

1. Become a believer. In preparation for The Filling of the Spirit, one must be a believer in Jesus Christ as Son of God who made the full payment for our sins. Without this acclamation of faith, one cannot be filled with the Holy Spirit, for biblically, the Holy Spirit is the Spirit of God and of Christ. This is very clearly stated in the New Testament

 2. Confess known sin and seek and receive forgiveness for all sin by reliance on the completed work of Jesus Christ on the cross. The Scriptures teach that God works in those whose lives are free of SIN. Keep "short records" with God about sin. Confess sin instantly, letting no departure from God's will continue

 3. Desire to be fully controlled by the Holy Spirit, which may also be called being under the full influence of the Spirit or to be constantly led by God. Seek this control in prayer. Do not place any conditions on what God may do in your life. Be ready for him to exhibit his control in any way he pleases. Do not demand anything as a sign of his filling. Expect only that he will make his full dominion evident as He did in the beginning

 4. Read examples of people being filled with the Holy Spirit. Such as Acts2:4, Acts10:44-46 and Acts19:1-6

 5. Claim the promise of God that he will reveal himself and fill your life with good things. Say the prayer for Wisdom and Revelation in Ephesians 1:17 for yourself. I recommend that you say this prayer everyday for one year and God will begin to reveal many things to you. 

* Believing that God has responded by taking charge of your life (filling) as you have confessed, sought Him, and invited Him to control you, begin walking with Christ by faith, confident that He is leading and will lead you fully and empower you to live for Him.

 * Galatians 3:14 says that we receive the promise of the Spirit through faith. James 2:14,20 says that faith without works is dead. Ask God what you can do for Him to walk in faith.

::SIN:: From the Pastor's desk!

Text: Matthew 18:9  Matthew 5:29-30

Who causes us to sin? James 1:14-15 But every man is tempted, when he is drawn away of his own lust, and enticed.  Then when lust hath conceived, it bringeth forth sin: and sin, when it is finished, bringeth forth death.

How sin enter the world? Romans 5:12 "Therefore, just as through one man sin entered into the world, and death through sin, and so death spread to all men, because all sinned" All humans are born in sin, sin meaning missing the mark of perfect obedience to God, which Adam and Eve transgressed. That is why Christ came to the earth and died to provide the ransom sacrifice to atone for our sins.

Temptation is not sin. If temptation were indeed sin, then Jesus would not have led a sinless life. But as the Bible says, Jesus was "tempted in all things," yet without sin ( Heb. 4:15).
Still temptation should not be taken lightly. That's because it is the gateway to sin. Temptation is often strongest when we are at our weakest. In fact, the longer we allow it to brew in our thoughts the more dangerous temptation becomes. Therefore, we must learn to recognize temptation and keep it in check.

Temptation is one of the enemy's most powerful "schemes" for misleading God's people ( Eph. 6:11, 16). It causes us to focus on the "passing pleasures" ( Heb. 11:25) of sin instead of the rich rewards of serving God with a pure heart.
Is God pleased with our sin? Romans 5: 8 "But God demonstrates His own love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us." (John 3:16) However, there is a distinction between committing a sin and repenting and being forgiven, as opposed to practicing sin willfully. (1 John 3:4-8)

How can we be free?  That means a total change of direction, away from the sins and temptations, and toward the forgiving grace of a loving God. If you have allowed lust to control your life, yield to God as the Holy Spirit convicts you of your sin. God will forgive and cleanse you physically, emotionally and spiritually, if you humbly come to Him (1 John 1:8, Romans 6:23).

Temptation can be difficult to resist. But God has not left us as helpless victims of temptation. He has promised a "way of escape" ( 1 Cor. 10:13) to all who trust in Him.

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Pray, Care & Share Jesus!

'Justice For Trayvon' Movement Struggles To Find Focus

Marchers aligned with the Justice for Trayvon Martin movement called for a federal civil rights action to be filed against George Zimmerman in Phoenix on Monday. Zimmerman was found not guilty in the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

In the two weeks since George Zimmerman's acquittal, the same activists galvanized by his trial are finding it hard to focus the energy of the Trayvon Martin movement.
For 16 months, supporters of the Justice for Trayvon movement rallied behind a common goal: Make sure Zimmerman, the man who killed Trayvon Martin, stood before the bar of justice.
But after Zimmerman's trial and acquittal, that united front has splintered.
Martin's father, Tracy Martin, spoke to lawmakers on Capitol Hill this week during a summit on "Black Men and Boys." He told them he wanted legislation that would honor his son's legacy.
"I would like to see that [the] Trayvon Martin name is attached to some type of statute or an amendment that says you can't simply profile our children, shoot them in the heart, kill 'em, and say you were defending yourself," Martin said.
A growing number of celebrities like Stevie Wonder, Jay-Z and Madonna are calling for a boycott of Florida because of its far-reaching Stand Your Ground gun laws.

French Court Charges Strauss-Kahn With 'Aggravated Pimping'

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, former head of the International Monetary Fund, leaves after a hearing before an investigation committee on capital flight at the French Senate in June.

Dominique Strauss-Kahn, the former head of the International Monetary Fund who was forced to resign amid allegations of sexual misconduct in the U.S., faces charges of "aggravated pimping" before a court in his native France.
A trial date has not been set.
Strauss-Kahn, 64, stepped down as head of the IMF in 2011 after he was accused of sexually assaulting a New York hotel maid. Although those charges were later dropped, they derailed the politician's plans to run for the French presidency.
In 2012, prosecutors accused Strauss-Kahn of . On Friday, authorities said they would go ahead with formal charges in the case.
The Associated Press, quoting judicial officials, says that prostitutes questioned in the case said they had sex with Strauss-Kahn in 2010 and 2011 in France and also in Washington, D.C., where he lived while working at the IMF.
In France, it is not against the law to pay for sex and, , "pimping is a broad crime that encompasses aiding or encouraging prostitution."
However, the news agency says, "Because the parties allegedly involved several prostitutes, Strauss-Kahn will stand trial in Lille on the more serious charge of aggravated pimping, which carries a maximum term of 10 years in prison and a $2 million fine."
Strauss-Kahn, who has maintained that he has been unfairly targeted because of his lavish lifestyle, has acknowledged attending sex parties but says he was not aware the women were being paid for their services.

SPANISH TRAIN CRASH::Train Driver Held In Spain Following Deadly Derailment

Men stand next to the train engine stored in a warehouse in Escravitude, 10 miles from the site of Wednesday's crash.
Spain's Interior Minister, Jorge Fernandez Diaz, announced Saturday that the driver of a high-speed train that derailed this week, killing at about 80 people near the town Santiago de Compostela, has been detained on suspicion of negligent homicide.
Diaz said Francisco Jose Garzon Amo has been discharged from the hospital and taken to a police station, The Associated Press reports.
Garzon's appearance before a court was expected to provide the first official explanation of what occurred in the crash, the deadliest in decades in Spain. Earlier, Spanish justice officials said Garzon, 52, would likely testify on Saturday.
, the train appears to have been moving at twice the speed limit as it negotiated a dangerously sharp curve just before the derailment. It's not clear whether the brakes failed or were never used.

Dozens Killed As Egypt Demonstrations Turn Deadly

Supporters of Egypt's ousted President Mohammed Morsi carry an injured man to a field hospital following clashes with security forces at Nasr City.
At least 37 people have been killed in bloody clashes overnight in and around Cairo after protests escalated into violence, with supporters of ousted President Mohammed Morsi saying police shot at demonstrators.
NPR's Soraya Sarhaddi Nelson confirmed the number of dead at one field hospital alone, and said that the toll is likely much higher. Doctors at the field hospital are telling reporters that many of the injuries were caused by live ammunition.
Thousands of pro-military protesters had occupied Tahrir Square, answering a call from Gen. Abdel Fattah el-Sissi to bolster his mandate after the army chief removed Morsi from office earlier this month.
The Muslim Brotherhood responded with counter-demonstrations, reports , prompting clashes between security forces and Morsi supporters.
Brotherhood spokesman Gehad El-Haddad said security forces began shooting shortly before pre-dawn morning prayers, .
"They are not shooting to wound, they are shooting to kill," Haddad said.
Al Jazeera is reporting that have reported to makeshift hospitals in the area.

Heartless Mum Sells Baby

The police in Imo State are now investigating how a 27 year old housewife, Mrs Njideka Okorie eloped with six months pregnancy and went into hiding where she was later delivered of a baby girl which she sold to one Agatha Okoronkwo at Isieka Ihiala in Anambra State for N100,000.
Saturday Sun gathered that Njideka has been married to Samuel Okorie , for over 10 years. The marriage was already blessed with four children while they were expecting the fifth child, the wife eloped with six months pregnancy from their home in Orlu, Imo State.
The housewife also fled her matrimonial home with the other four children in March and returned four months after, precisely on July 5, 2013, with the four kids, but without the pregnancy of their fifth child.
It was learnt that the inability of Njideka to explain what happened to their baby led the husband to lodge a complaint against her at the Orlu police station.

[VIDEO]::AWKWARD PROPOSAL: Rapper, DJ Khaled Proposes To Nicki Minaj With A $500k Diamond Ring

37 year old record producer, rapper, DJ and record label executive, Khaled bin Abdul Khaled, better known by his stage name DJ Khaled, asked Nicki Minaj to marry him via a video posted online.
He explained why he wants Nicki as his wife.
"I want to be honest with you. I love you. I like you. I want you to be mine. The only reason I'm not telling you this face to face is because I know that you're busy.
You need a man like me in your life that’s gonna take care of you and respect you. You gotta take your time and think about it, I understand but I know I have to be here today to let you know how serious I am and about how serious this is to me.
I want to let your fans know, my fans know, my family, your family, that I wanna marry you. I been working hard to get this ring.
Nicki Minaj... will you marry me?'
 DJ Khaled popped the question with a $500,000 diamond ring and with help from MTV. Nicki hasn't responded yet. The two recently worked together on Nicki's latest single 'Twerk It'.
See his proposal video below

UNN Releases Post-UTME Screening Results

The University of Nigeria, Nsukka has announced the release of the results of the 2013 Post-Universities Tertiary Matriculation Examination (P-UTME) screening exercise held at the Nsukka Campus of the institution on July 18 and 19 respectively.
The Communication Secretary to the Vice-Chancellor, Gabriel Ndu, who disclosed this in a statement, said that the candidates who participated in the screening were drawn from all the faculties of the university.
According to Ndu, the results were released within 24 hours after the exercise was held on each day.
He, therefore, advised the candidates that took part in the screening exercise to visit the university portal, www.unnportal.com to check for their results.

"Why I am still single" Jude Okoye opens up in new interview

Jude 'Engees' Okoye is the elder brother, manager and director of Peter and Paul Okoye, popularly known as P-Square. Excerpts from his interview with Bayo Adetu of PM News

Peter and Paul already have kids; and we all know their heartthrobs. Can you tell us the one in your life?
Why are you people always forcing me to come to the public? I don’t want to be a celebrity and I am not one of them. I don’t sing, dance or act. I love where I am now (hiding myself) and if I love to do that, how do you expect me to introduce the lady I am dating? Back to your question, I have somebody, yes but I won’t tell you her name.

Joselyn Dumas' sexy outfit to the launch of her new TV show

Ghanaian TV personality Jocelyn Dumas pictured above at the launch of her new TV show 'At Home With Joselyn Dumas' yesterday evening.

Nigerian transplant patient Roseline Akhalu wins right to stay in the UK

Roseline Akhalu, the Nigerian woman who was diagnosed with kidney failure a few months after arriving in the UK in 2004, had a successful transplant, then claimed she would die within weeks if she was sent back to Nigeria, has won the right to remain in the UK following a successful appeal.

UK Border Agency initially rejected Roseline's appeal to remain in the UK after her transplant in 2009, saying 'the care of a foreign individual was the responsibility of their state of nationality'. Roseline's lawyers argued she would die within weeks if she was returned to Nigeria as she would never be able to afford the drugs that keep her alive.

The 49-year-old widow needs regular hospital checks and will have to take immuno-suppressant drugs for the rest of her life. Now she's free to stay in the UK and get free medical treatment.

How to set up Google Chromecast

To hear Google tell it, you'd think its Chromecast practically installed itself. I can tell you from experience that this is not the case.
To Google's credit, Chromecast setup is a breeze compared with some of the hair-pulling experiences I've had involving the Apple TV, for which I suspect Apple designed the remote control out of metal in order to help you withstand the compulsion to throw that thing back into the useless hell it spawned from. But I digress. Here's how to set up your Google Chromecast.
Plugging it in
Sounds simple enough. Grab your dongle and stick it in. But there's more to it.
First off, the Chromecast dongle requires more power than an HDMI port alone is able to provide. So to deliver the extra juice it needs, a Micro-USB cable is included that can be run to either the included power adapter, or ideally, an available USB port on your TV. The latter option will minimize cable clutter, save on power, and give you one fewer thing to plug into what is likely an overcrowded power strip behind your TV.
Chromecast, plugged in.
An elegant solution, sorta.
Another hiccup in this first step is that the Chromecast dongle may not fit quite right in the space carved out around your TV's HDMI input -- especially when you factor in the Micro-USB power cable that juts out from the top. To give you a little extra flexibility, Google includes a small HDMI extension cable that can easily be plugged into cramped inputs.
Once you're plugged in and powered on, switch your TV to the corresponding HDMI input and you should see a short Chrome startup screen and an invitation to get started.


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